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meeting Uppsala august 23-25 2013


Dear Scandinavian colleague!

The Swedish Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (SFEP) would like to invite You to  the ”SFEP’s Fifths Scandinavian Aesthetic Surgery Meeting” in Uppsala August   23th to 25th 2013.

The meeting will be preceded by the annual meeting of  the Swedish Society for Plastic Surgery. Se program kirurgveckan

Please inform Your younger colleagues about the opportunity to participate in the two events.

We promise You as always an interesting and amusing program both educationally and socially.

Take the opportunity to have your own presentation and discuss your cases with us. Again don´t be shy and share your experience with us.

Abstract suggestions can be sent to the Society’s secretary Birgit Stark, Plastikkirurggruppen, Dalagatan 9, Stockholm, or Birgit.Stark@ki.se  

The exhibition will be on top! Expect the latest in medical technology from our exhibitors. Some even plan to arrange workshops in conjunction with the conference.

And again there will be a wonderful social program. Please bring your accompanying person!  See old friends and make new acquaintances.

Sunday you can participate in the “SFEP Scandinavian Plastic Surgery Master Golf “!

See you in August 2013!


Congress Committee SFEP/

The Swedish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Please share your thoughts in a survey of the use of  ”Antibiotics in aesthetic surgery” - anonymous of course -

Discussion at Congress - link below


Organization Committee

Ulf Samuelson           President           ulf.samuelson@ak.se

Birgit Stark                 Secretary           birgit.stark@ki.se

Disa Lidman              Vice President  disa@ostersjokliniken.se

Per Alberius               Treasurer           per@alberius.com

Fredrik Gewalli          IT/Webmaster fredrik.gewalli@apss.se


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Swedish Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

5th Scandinavian Meeting Uppsala  August 23-25     2013

Foto: Kalbar/Destination Uppsala.

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