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Uppsala 2013

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Karlstad / Sunne
august 22-24 2014 
welcomes You

Spoken word will be English

Uppsala 2013. Spoken word will be english

International Faculty

Jan Poell Switzerland

Eugenio Gandolfi Italy

Poul Harboe Denmark

Preliminary Program

Friday, August 23

Local  (exhibition)

12.00 – 13.00 Registration & lunch at Hotel restaurant

13.00 Chairman Ulf Samuelson - Welcome remarks and Presentation of sponsors

13.45 - 15.00
A) Symposium Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Moderator; Ulf Samuleson 

13.45 – 14.15 Jan Poell, Switzerland
Vertical breast lift in reduction mammoplasty/mastopexy.

14.15 – 14.30 Per Hedén, Sweden

Augmentation and mastopexy

14.30 – 14.45  Katja Puumanen, Finland

Breast augmentation the way I do it.

14.45 – 15.00  Birgit Stark, Sweden

Outcome of 3-site breast implant registry

15.00 – 15.30 Coffee at exhibition

15.30 – 17.00

B) Symposium: Antibiotics and BioFilm in plastic surgery

Moderator: Åsa Edsander-Nord, Sweden

15.30 – 15.40 Fredrik Gewalli, Sweden
Survey: Antibiotics in aesthetic surgery


15.40 – 17.10  Panel;

Roger N Wixtrom PhD,    

PO Nyström Prof Emeritus, 

Anna Elander Prof,

Asko Salmi MD,

Cecilia Rydén Assoc Prof,

Antibiotics in aesthetic surgery


17.10  - 17.30 Paul Harboe, Denmark

Consequences of new legal regulation for Danish plastic surgeons 

17.30 – 18.00 Andrew Salzberg,  USA

Sponsered presentation Lifecell

Indication of Strattice in aesthetic breast surgery,

risks and complications

18.00-18.30 Gabriella Sellman, Sweden

Sponsored presentation Q-MED / Galderma

18.30 Get Together and After work at exhibition

20.00 Dinner and entertainment

Saturday, August 24


08.00 – 08.30 Registration


C)  Aesthetic surgery

Moderator: Per Alberius


08.30 – 09.00  Eugenio Gandolfi, Italy

Integrated treatment protocol for the ageing midface ;

aesthetic medicine and minimally invasive surgery

09.00 – 09.10  Disa Lidman, Sweden

MACS Lift - with and without fat grafting

09.15 – 09.20 Ulf Garpered, Sweden

Mastopexy - my personal approach

09.20-09.25 Göran Elmerstig, Sweden

Genital surgery in woman - can we improve our knowledge

09.25 - 09.30 Discussion

09.30 - 10.00 Eugenio Gandolfi, Italy

Consideration after 100 fat transplants to the breast

10.00 – 10.30 Coffee at exhibition


10.30 – 12.00

Annual assembly Swedish Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (SFEP)

12.00 – 13.00 Lunch

The hotel restaurant

Coffee at exhibition

13.00 – 14.15

E)  Symposium  Postbariatric Surgery

Moderator:  Disa Lidman

13.00 – 13.15 Magnus Hober, Sweden

Circumferential abdominoplasty

13.15 – 13.30 Gabriella Rudbeck-Wattin, Sweden

Timing, markings, indication, stageing of circumferential abdominoplasty

13.30-13.45 Davor Jergovic, Sweden

Inner thigh plasty

13.45 – 14.00  Peter Emanuelsson, Sweden

Early complications after correction of rectus diastasis; 3 months result

14.00 – 14.15 Discussion

14.15 - 15.15

Industry sponsored lectures

14.15  - 14.45 Jean Pierre Amsellem, France

will be domonstrating the new palette - technology -

the balance and power of hyaluronic acid

Sponsored presentation Stylage

14.45 – 15.15 Ralf Sundberg, Sweden

Radiesse in hand rejuvenation

– an effective way to treat lost volume

Sponsored presentation OrionPharma

15.15 – 16.00 Coffee at exhibition

16.00– 17.30

F) Symposium Lip and Face surgery

Moderator: Magnus Becker

16.00 – 16.20 Jan Jernbeck, Sweden

Refinements in lip rejuvenation

16.20 – 16.40 Igor Niechajev, Sweden

Personal experience of lip surgery procedures

16.40 – 17.00 Magnus Becker, Sweden

Consideration on aesthetics after cleft surgery

17.00-17.10 Jan B Wieslander, Sweden

Perioral volume augmentation in CLP patients

17.10-17.20 Ingemar Fogdestam, Sweden

Rhinion in sculpture art

Sunday, August 25

09.00 – 12.30   SFEP Scandinavian Plastic Surgery Master Golf

To Invited Lecturers

Please prepare your lecture for an USB-memory stick and hand it over to our technician in the very morning of your performance.

Guidelines for presentations within the Swedish Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery:

Material and issues must be clearly indicated.

Presentations shall be concise and initiated with clear conclusions.

Presentations should not contain too much text per slide.

The artwork must be dignified and images relevant to the petition.

Patient privacy must be considered.

Papers may be within the allotted time frame.

Time for discussion between the speakers and the audience will be.

Please share your thoughts in a survey about the use of

Antibiotics in aesthetic surgery”

- anonymous of course - coming discussion at Congress - link below

Invitation for Abstracts

Dear plastic surgery colleagues, you are welcome to have your own presentation at the congress.

Submit Abstract to

SFEP Secretary-

The organization committe reserves the right to choose presentations and to shorten presentation time if needed.

Social Program -link


Face lift techn
Fat Transplantation
Breast surgery
Post Bariatic surg
Lip Surgery
Antibiotics in plastic surgery


Program at a Glance

SFEP 2013       

Organization Committee
Ulf Samuelson           President
Birgit Stark                Secretary
Disa Lidman              Vice President
Per Alberius              Treasurer
Fredrik Gewalli         IT/Webmaster

Foto: Xulio Gonzalez/Destination Uppsala